Saturday, July 25, 2015

The Trump Factor

During the last election cycle in the state of Virginia the Democrat, Terry McAuliffe, won the Governors race because a "Libertarian" candidate split the Republican vote. It was not discovered that the Libertarian was actually a Democratic plant funded by the DNC until days before the election and by then it was too late to alert the electorate. Dirty politics is common in both parties and no candidate and neither party can be trusted.

I often have what I call a "gut feeling" about things and that feeling is more often right than wrong. I have a "Check in my gut" about Donald Trump. Like the "Libertarian" candidate, Mr. Trump is saying a lot of things that catch the attention of the republican base and is causing the establishment GOP to crap in their Depends, but his record suggests he is no true conservative. I fear he may well split the vote even if he is not a "plant". I will not vote for an establishment Republican and if they shove one on us again I will write in either Ted Cruz or Allan West.
Mr. Trump is saying nothing that Ted Cruz is not saying but he is getting all the press because of the way he is saying it. He is anything but politically correct which is a good thing, but he is, in my humble opinion, too inflammatory and will only further divide the country with his over zealous antics and Christy-like harshness.

America does not need a celebrity figure or a politician who will feed the already existing anger in the streets with rhetoric and name calling. What we need is a true statesman who can speak truth to power without stooping to the level of the current administration only with a "conservative slant" to the divisive narrative.

Cruz is the only true conservative in the GOP race with the record to prove it. He has kept every campaign promise he made and is not afraid to call out even those in his own party as was seen when he called the Majority leader a liar from the floor of the Senate this week. He has the debating skills of a master and the wisdom of one who has been mentored by a strong father with sound moral convictions. He comes from humble beginnings and has not forgotten his roots. He has shown time and again that he can destroy the Progressive machine on both sides of the isle using truth and logic not hostile confrontation.

I may be wrong about Trump being a "Plant" but I do not believe he is not dangerous to the country. I believe he would be an excellent UN ambassador or Treasury Secretary but he does not have the statesmanship needed to be Commander-In-Chief. Considering the current condition of America and the world we desperately need a statesman like Ronald Reagan, Thomas Jefferson or Winston Churchill and I believe Ted Cruz fits that description.

Just an observation and opinion....don't shoot me.....My first post since my wife was diagnosed and died from cancer in January...

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